Building a Client Meeting Process for Exceptional Service

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As a financial advisor, you know that your client meetings are only one small portion of the value you add to client relationships. However, this face time with clients is critical for developing trust, and increasing referrals. Every client meeting is a chance to truly “wow” your clients and continue to build long term relationships. So, how can you create ideal client meetings that run seamlessly from scheduling to follow up? Let’s dig in.

How to Gather Data from Existing Clients

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You’ve gone through your full sales cycle and finally signed a new client who is a perfect fit for your practice – congratulations! Now, the client service process begins.

Creating a Client Service Calendar that Serves Your Lifestyle Goals

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Your client service calendar is the backbone of your financial planning practice. Unfortunately, many advisors often start to feel overwhelmed by client service tasks. Before they know it, their business is running them – not the other way around. Luckily, there’s an easy way to navigate this dilemma. Structuring a client service calendar that prioritizes your peace and works around your lifestyle goals can put you back in the driver’s seat of your business.

How to Master the First 90 Days of The New Client Journey

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Many advisors assume that once they’ve signed a client the “hard work” is over. Unfortunately, that idea couldn’t be further than the truth! Within the first 90 days, your clients are going through a colossal shift. Starting with the sales process, and ending with their initial plan being presented, they’re fully trusting you with their money, their goals, and their fears.

What Key Metrics to Track for an Exceptional Client Experience

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At Level Best, we encourage our clients to track several key metrics to ensure that their processes are still working – both for their financial planning clients and for their team. Let’s go over why you should be tracking metrics, what to keep track of, and how to store the data.

Building a Client Service Calendar

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Let’s dig into why financial planners, specifically, should have a service calendar for their business, and how to build the ideal service calendar for your practice.

When a Client Doesn’t “Fit” Your Process

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As a business owner, there’s a temptation to accommodate every new client who walks through your door. While this is admirable, recreating a custom process for every challenging or complex client can become a financial and emotional drain on your practice.

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